Paresh Rawal reacts to his death hoax on Twitter

Paresh Rawal is the new victim of the death hoaxes after Kiran Kher, Mukesh Khanna and Lucky Ali .

Veteran actor Paresh Rawal recently reacted to a social media page where someone has posted and shared his condolences about Paresh Rawal’s death.

The actor shared a screenshot of a twitter page that has his photo with a consolation message. Proclaimed by saying,”Paresh Rawal ji, a member of the film industry has passed away at 7 am on 14th May,2021.”

The actor disproved the report with a post on Twitter.

The actor says, “Sorry for the misunderstanding as I slept past 7am…!”

Ramesh Parwal’s fans didn’t reacted that much as they’re entertained by the death hoax. Some of the fans prayed for his long life and some reacted in a bad way. Some people shared memes and some of them reported the page and told others to do the same.

A fan said,”Action should be taken against this page. I can’t tolerate such kinds of joke. You are my fav sir. I pray to god, this day will never come”.

Another fan commented, “Some respect must be shown to all the living legends. They can’t have more likes n share (as TRP) by announcing someone’s death. Not acceptable in civilised Society.”

Paresh Rawal had tested COVID positive in March but recovered.

Paresh Rawal’s next project is ‘Hungama 2’, sequel to the 2003 film ‘Hungama’.

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