Abhinav Kohli gets angry on Shweta Tiwari for “lying”

Shweta Tiwari’s estranged husband Abhinav Kohli in his series of videos has spoken about how Shweta is lying about not keeping her son in a hotel and dismissing her claim that he is not contributing for son Reyansh’s upbringing. He also claimed that Shweta neglected their son to participate in Khatron Ke Khiladi 11, which is being recorded in Cape Town, South Africa.

Soon after Shweta left for South Africa, Abhinav put out a video on Instagram. In the video he said, “I’ve had enough. I have suffered due to her lies and wrong-doings. Shweta has said in an interview she had informed me that our kid is fine and with her family. Enough of lying, Shweta. If you had called me, then show me your call record because I have all of them. When you had messaged me for consent, I had replied that the kid would stay with me. People are dying due to Covid-19 and third wave is dangerous for kids. But you have left everything at this time to earn money. Is there any shortage of money? Even if you wanted to leave, why didn’t you leave the kid with me? I took care of him last time when he was infected with Covid-19. Now you have accepted that the kid is at a different location, but your PR and trolls lied to me that you have not left the kids at a hotel. Please tell them the truth. When I am his natural guardian, why are they with nani and his sister? Where is the kid? You have detained the kid at an undisclosed location. Mind you, law is slow, but not a joke. You can’t take it for a ride. You can’t keep lying, Shweta.”


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He also added, “Had you informed me, why would I run from hotel to hotel? Why would I call child helpline? Why am I registering an FIR right now against you for neglect under the Juvenile Justice Act Section 75 and 82? You have abandoned the child and gone away and not even let him be with me”

After Seeing Abhinav’s video on Instagram, Shweta said that she kept Abhinav informed about her travel plans and that their son is safe with her parents. She also said, “My mother, my relatives, and Palak are there to take care of him. Plus, I will always be on video calls with Reyansh in between my shoot. I was surprised yet again to see the video he posted.”

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